Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Samoan Language Week Writing

Samoan Language Week
WALT: write script for a movie about Samoan Language Week.
Topic: Samoan Language Week
Audience: PES, whanau, worldwide blog audience.
Purpose: To explain to people what Samoan Language Week is about.
Text type: Explanation
Key Vocabulary and Sentence Beginnings:
Helpful Links:
Introduce what your movie is about.
eg: Samoan Language Week is from Monday 26th - Friday 30th May 2014. The theme is “Taofi mau i au measina” which means “hold Fast to your treasures.”

Give some information about Samoa.

Teach us some Samoan phrases! (Remember to tell us what it means in English too!)

Conclude your movie.
eg: I hope you have enjoyed learning about Samoan culture and language! Tofa soifua!
Edit your writing:
Once you have finished make sure you have checked your work for spelling, capital letters, full stops and other punctuation. Does your writing say what you want it to say? Is it good enough to put on your blog?
Blog it!
Post your writing on your blog (only copy the part you have written yourself).
Share it!
Click on the little blue share button and share it with your teacher so she can mark it.
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Start writing here:

Manuia le taeao and Talofa lava and Afio  to my Samoan language week writing  my name is Anna and i’m going to tell you about Samoan language week Samoan week from  Monday 26th until Friday 30th May 2014. The theme is “ Taofi mau i au measina ’’ which means “ hold fast to your treasures.’’

E te ilo tautala fa algilisi which  means Do you speak english ? . Ia manuia le Kerisimasi ma le Tausaga Fou which means Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I am going to teach you how to say the days of the week. These are the days in Samoan

Aso sa - Sunday
Aso Gaufau -  Monday
Aso Lau -  Tuesday
Aso Lulu - Wednesday
AsoTofi - Thursday
Aso Faraile - Friday
Aso To’onai - Saturday


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  1. Wow Anna!
    I guess you know alot of things in samoan aye
    Well than
    Do you knwo how to say I'm Fine Thank you in samoan. Have a go.